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August 5, 2012 by magpiemenina

Hello, and welcome to Magpie, Jaybird, and Mew! Thanks for visiting.

We’re a little family of three (the cat counts!) adventuring creatively and chaotically through life and a few moves. There will be crafting, collaging, sewing, cooking, illustrating, history exploration, art-making, organizing, etc. (me); music-making, problem-solving, and handy work (Jaybird); and creative exploration and destruction (Mew). There will also be furniture repurposing, house remodeling, gardening, and much more once we get there! We hope you’ll join us for the adventures along the way!

I (Magpie) am a recent graduate in search of work in the museum world. I’m currently interning at Colonial Williamsburg in the Historic Foodways program. I love making things (clothes, food, art, posters, coloring books, pictures, etc.), learning about history, organizing,  and just keeping busy! My husband (Jaybird) is in the Armed Forces. He’s oh-so-handy and makes some great music. Mew (actually, his name is Minos) is our two-year-old white Turkish Angora cat. He’s clumsy and nosy, a combination that leads to some interesting situations.

In the next few days, I’ll be posting some of my past creations with written directions (no step-by-step pictures, sorry!) while I get to work on some other projects to post.


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