Halloween Date Night


October 26, 2012 by magpiemenina

Jaybird and I had Halloween Date Night this evening. Well, Mew was here, too. Of course, he is a house cat, so no surprise there. We made skull-shaped sugar cookies in anticipation of the taco party we are hoping to have for some friends on Sunday, weather permitting. After, we carved pumpkins.

“What’s up with the bumpy one?”

Jaybird and Mew. If I had gotten in the frame, we could have had an awkward family photo.

“So are you going to carve these things or what?”

Jaybird carved Mew’s pumpkin as well as his (the music note). He carved a stinkbug for Mew since Mew loves hunting them on the balcony or when one gets in the apartment. I have sort of a running tradition of carving cat faces.

Here are the cookies, post-icing. I used Wilton’s Comfort Grip skull cookie cutter and cut out the eyes using a small heart cookie cutter.  I had visions of lovely Dia de Los Muertos-inspired icing designs, which just goes to show that my artistic skills in baking and baking-related art fall far short of my aspirations. There are lots of blogs from people who make beautiful iced goods. This is clearly not one of those. As you can tell, I made a few efforts and then just moved onto grotesque.

My less-than-lovely cookie skulls

Jaybird iced some delightfully abstract and creepy skulls.

Jaybird’s Creepy Cookie Craniums

Now Jaybird is playing some guitar and I’m blogging in anticipation of possibly losing power at the beginning of next week when “Frankenstorm” arrives. It was raining a little earlier, and Mew was sitting on the balcony getting wet, the silly goose.

Tomorrow I put up a blog on toasting pumpkin seeds, so save those seeds and please stop back!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Date Night

  1. Magpie – we LOVE your blog! Need to see more stuff about Mew, though. Can we chase him? Looks like you got your decorating skills from Nancy. Blobs of frosting! Lots of sprinkles!

    XXOO Maxx & Kayla

  2. magpiemenina says:

    Maxx and Kayla, thank you so much. No, you may not chase Mew. I think you’d be sorry if you did. He’s one tough cookie. Definitely got my icing recipe from Nancy! Wish my cookies looked as good as hers do, though! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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