Button-Up Shirt and Simplicity 2339


November 7, 2012 by magpiemenina

Simplicity Pattern 2339

I recently finished making a button-up shirt using view A from Simplicity Pattern 2339, part of their Amazing Fit Collection. I’d purchased the pattern to make dress shirts for myself, but I had this great fabric my aunt gave me, possibly from the late 1970s/early 1980s.

Pattern Review: It’s a good pattern, overall. I didn’t fit it any differently than I do any other pattern, though. I also had to adjust the bottom of the shirt sufficiently to fit over my hips, which used up most of the seam allowance. That was an easy-enough fix, at any rate. More importantly, be sure to add some extra fabric to the underside of the arms or you’ll be apt to rip the seams when wearing it. Some of the directions were a little counter-intuitive in order, so I ignored them and made up my own. You could follow them and be fine. This is definitely not a pattern for beginners, but it would be hard to find a button-up shirt pattern that is.

Changes: As I mentioned, I made up my own assembly instructions that were more in line with how I think about sewing. I also did not have enough fabric to make the safari sleeves, so I shortened the sleeve pattern piece. I like the look. I also gave it epaulets. These can be made from the same tab pattern pieces as those used on the sleeves, sewn in the same manner. Attach the flat end to the shoulder seam before sewing on the sleeve. Secure towards the collar with a button.

As a plus, I had some great vintage buttons that matched the green and red in the shirt, but not enough buttons to match across the whole thing, so it’s a glorious mishmash of similar buttons. I used 11 buttons in all, including two for the epaulets, two for the sleeve tabs, six for the front, and one for the pocket.


4 thoughts on “Button-Up Shirt and Simplicity 2339

  1. jnice3871 says:

    This blouse is very nice. I love the button treatment as well as the epaulets. Did you do the buttonholes by machine or hand?

  2. magpiemenina says:

    Thank you! The buttonholer on the machine doesn’t function very well, so I did them by hand. What a pain! Oh well, it gives me something to do if I am sitting somewhere waiting for something.

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