Beginner’s Sewing Tip #2


November 16, 2012 by magpiemenina

The second installment in my series intended to share basic sewing information that is simple, necessary, but often learned through mistakes by those new to sewing:

Wash your fabric first.

Wash your fabric first, before you lay out the pattern or sew a stitch (if, of course, it is a fabric that you will be washing after you finish the project). This gets out any chemicals left from the manufacturing process, the dust from the fabric store, and, most importantly, lets the fabric shrink now rather than after you’ve sewn it together. There’s a severe risk that the fabric will shrink sufficiently to pull out of the seams otherwise; there is nothing like having to sew a project twice.

Happy sewing!


4 thoughts on “Beginner’s Sewing Tip #2

  1. jnice3871 says:

    I really like your sewing projects. The faux vintage quilt pillowcases are very nice.

  2. AHomemakersHome says:

    I’ve been sewing for 3 years now and I’ve never preshrunk my fabric and never had a problem with shrinking, does this mean it’s likely that the fabric I’m buying is preshrunk or that I’m extremely lucky?

  3. magpiemenina says:

    Perhaps you are really lucky, or I’ve been picking the wrong fabrics! 🙂 I had a shirt shrink right out of its seams once! I always remembered to prewash after that. Are you using cottons? It’s a natural fiber thing, which I should have clarified. Personally, I do think it’s worth washing to get the chemicals and fabric store dust out of the fabric. Thanks for following the blog, by the way! Glad to have you visiting.

  4. AHomemakersHome says:

    I mostly use cotton or cotton blends. Maybe I’m just incredibly lucky!

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