Tree Bark Cloth Napkins & Napkin Rings

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December 2, 2012 by magpiemenina

Goodness, it has been a while! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving (if you are in the U.S.). We certainly did! It’s always wonderful to see family.

We’re in the midst of moving. By the end of this week, we should be settling into our first home! Get ready for a slew of before pictures and home projects! I’m certainly excited!

Here’s a recent project that I meant to post before Thanksgiving. It’s pretty quick and easy.

Tree Bark Cloth Napkins

Place setting with napkin

Ready for dinner

Ready for dinner

You will need:

-sewing machine, green thread, and scissors

-1 yard of 45″ wood-grain print fabric (JoAnn Fabrics has some beautiful Heidi Grace fabric right now in the fancy-smancy section of quilting fabric, which is what I used. Take a coupon.)

-2 packages of Wright’s Leaf Green 1/2″ double fold bias tape

1. Cut a rectangle from newspaper measuring 12″ by 18″. Pin it to the fabric and cut out the napkins. From the yard of fabric, you can make six napkins: lay the pattern pieces so the long side follows the selvage, which will give you two rows of three napkins. Cut.

2. Press the bias tape, then press so that it is folded in half.

3. Forget pinning the bias tape to the napkins. Just hold it in place as you go. Sandwich the raw edge of the fabric between the two sides of the folded bias tape and sew, taking extra care with the corners. Ta-da! Napkins completed.

Finished, folded napkin

Finished, folded napkin

Leaf Napkin Rings

Close-up of finished napkin and napkin ring

Close-up of finished napkin and napkin ring

You will need:

-sewing machine

-a scrap of stabilizer or rubber sheeting (which I had left over from my cat-proof barstool covers); no more than 6″ wide if you are buying for this project

-twice as much green cotton fabric (preferably as close in color to the Leaf Green bias tape as you can get)

-green and brown thread

-bias tape leftovers from the napkin trim

-six small snaps

1. Cut out a leaf shape as a pattern. Cut out 6 of the stabilizer or sheeting, and 12, slightly larger, of the green fabric.

2. Sandwich one stabilizer/sheeting leaf between two green leaves. Using the green thread, straight-stitch very close to the outside of the leaf. The stem doesn’t need to be stitched. Repeat with all leaves.

3. Using the brown thread, straight-stitch veins into the leaf. Start at the pointed end of the leaf, stitch a bit, turn the fabric at a 45 degree angle and backstitch, then follow back to the main vein. Repeat on alternating sides until you reach the base of the leaf. Straight-stitch down the stem. Repeat with all leaves.

4. Thread a hand needle with brown thread. Knot and push through the base of the leaf where the stem meets the leaf. Wrap tightly. This will give the three-dimensional effect of a stem. Leave a small bit of green fabric showing at the bottom. Stitch back through the leaf and secure.

5. Cut bias tape remnants into 2″ pieces. Attach snaps to either end so that the ends will overlap. Glue (hot glue or my favorite, Beacon Fabri-Tac) or hand stitch the rings to the underside of the leaves.


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