New Door for an Old Cabinet


March 5, 2013 by magpiemenina

My parents gave us a number of great antiques for our new house, including an amazing armoire that can be collapsed. Seriously, the top part pulls apart with pins and folds flat, leaving only the bottom part with the drawer intact. It’s pretty neat! My father had put shelves in it a while ago. It was a natural storage area for craft supplies. However, it did not have a door panel or handles.


Before. (This was taken when we were unpacking.)

I pondered the issue for a time, then settled on my favorite solution for making handles: buy the cheap ones at the hardware store meant for outdoor/farm use and spray paint them to the desired color. I also took my time solving the door problem. The door is very light, as is the entire armoire, so I needed something equally light. Finally, I found a burlap coffee sack at the Peddler’s Mall. Just the thing! I liked the black-and-burlap nature of this one over the more colorful sacks (sometimes I surprise myself). I cut it open and stretched it tight over the door, then stapled into place with the staple gun (warning: don’t do this with “good” antiques or I’m sure they’ll be drastically devalued). I’m quite pleased with it.




One thought on “New Door for an Old Cabinet

  1. says:

    Nice storage

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