Sunday Fun-Day Post Number 2

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August 24, 2013 by magpiemenina

It’s time for the second Sunday Fun-Day post, just in time for another Sunday Fun-Day! (So I’ve been busy…). We’ve had two Sunday Fun-Days between the posts, but there can’t be a finished product every Sunday!

Katie made a faux-butterfly natural history box using the same technique I used for mine, available here. Again, you can visit her here, at her website.

Katie's Butterfly Box

Katie’s Butterfly Box

For my part, I finished up a bird sculpture made mostly of paper that I have been working on for months now (a slow bit at a time). My model was the Cuban Trogon. I cut out each feather by hand (never again!). In addition to magazine pages for the feathers, I also used some electrical tape on wire for the feet and yucca seeds for the eyes with Aleene’s Paper Glaze for dimension. Eventually, I’ll mount the bird on a twig set in clay in a bell jar.

Cuban Trogon Front Close Up Cuban Trogon Back

Cuban Trogon SideThis was my first large three-dimensional project (the beetles were fairly small). Mew seemed to find it bird-like enough to merit a few smacks.




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