Sunday Fun-Day Number 4: Halloween Decor and Poodle Portrait

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October 9, 2013 by magpiemenina

Last weekend, my parents, aunt, and grandmother drove down from upper Ohio to visit. It was really swell to get to visit with them for a few days. Mew enjoyed the company as well. He’s miffed at me. In his mind, I make the fun go away.

Katie was visiting family as well, so we didn’t do Sunday Fun-Day this week (or rather, we had Sunday Fun-Day with different people!).

Since I was busy getting ready for company last week, though, I have Sunday Fun-Day projects from two weekends ago!

Halloween Skull Decor:

Michael’s Craft Store has papier-mache skull masks available for a few dollars. I eyed them up last year and was sorry I didn’t get any. They came back this year, though, so I jumped on the chance. A little spray-paint and some permanent markers made this project easy and fun! (Well, easy but for the trip to three different stores looking for red Sharpies. Seriously?)

Rose Skull Rose Skull Side Memento Mori Skull Bright Skull

Here they are, hanging on our mantel.

Here they are, hanging on our mantel.

Katie made a

Poodle Silhouette 

of her darling poodle, Turbo, with nothing more than a new frame, some paper, and permanent markers.

Poodle PortraitIsn’t it adorable? Again, you can see more of her art here. You can also see Turbo photobombing a picture in Sunday Fun-Day Number 3.

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