Bye, Baby Bunting Quilt with Pattern


January 9, 2014 by magpiemenina

Hello! Week two and New Year’s resolutions are going well!

My dear, dear sister and her husband just welcomed their first child! I am going to meet him next week, and I am so INCREDIBLY excited. Congratulations to them!

As a baby gift, I made a quilt. I have never made a quilt before (unless you want to count the patchwork pillowcases that I blogged here). When I worked at a fabric store, I was certain I never would. But I did!

Bye, Baby Bunting Quilt Bye, Baby Bunting Quilt

Backing Fabric

Backing Fabric

I saw a great rug on Pinterest that had a bunting pattern (last spring, maybe) and I thought that it would be a great quilt. I’m calling the pattern “Bye, Baby Bunting” after the nursery rhyme.

My sister was aiming for a Peter Rabbit theme, so I took the a copy of the eponymous Beatrix Potter book to the fabric store and tried to match colors. I’m pretty pleased with it. It isn’t perfect, but definitely made with love! The specs are below so that you can make one yourself if you like it!

Bye, Baby Bunting Quilt Pattern Piece - Magpie, Jaybird, and Mew


You will need (for a 45″ x 60″ crib quilt):

Crib-sized batting (45 x 60”)

Background fabric for front (2 yards of 45″)

Background fabric for back (2 yards of 45″)

Two packages of satin quilt binding

Three packages of hem tape

Thread to match and to quilt

Fabric to make 35 triangles

7 to 8 different fabrics – a fat quarter will give you plenty of fabric

Since I am no quilt expert, I’m mostly going to tell you how to lay out the pattern. There are some great quilting sites out there that can help you with the putting-together of the quilt.

1. Print out the pattern sheet (above) at 100% size. The outside triangle is the actual pattern piece that you will use to cut out your bunting pennants. The inside triangle should be cut of cardboard, as should the little square with the star inside of it. The smaller triangle is going to be your ironing guide. More on that later.

2. Cut out your triangles. To iron, place the cardboard triangle in the middle of the larger triangle and fold the edges over. Iron. Be careful to choose a piece of cardboard that does not have printing or plastic on it. (This ironing guide made the whole quilting process easier!)

3. Lay it out. Wing it. No, seriously. I envisioned lines of bunting criss-crossing through the air. Play with the colors and the situations of the lines relative to one another until it suits you. Then, if you have a cat, that cat will come lay in the middle of your quilt, roll over, and stretch.

4. Cut the front and back fabric to size if need be.

5. Sew down the triangles as appliques (i.e., pin them, facing up, onto the right side of the front fabric). Repeat until finished.

6. Iron the hem tape. Pin across bunting and sew.

7. Put your quilt together. I hand-quilted mine because it wouldn’t fit under my machine’s arm. That’s the purpose of the little star-in-square cardboard piece. Using an X-acto knife, cut out the star shape. The square with the star-shaped hole guides your stitches into a star-shaped pattern. I placed the stars in a five inch grid.

I hope you enjoy the quilt pattern! I’d love to see your quilts if you make them!

Finally, here are some pictures of Mew helping me quilt. (If you are concerned, the quilt was cleaned before I sent it.)


Mew Helping with Bye, Baby Bunting Quilt Mew Helping with Bye, Baby Bunting Quilt Mew Helping with Bye, Baby Bunting Quilt

2 thoughts on “Bye, Baby Bunting Quilt with Pattern

  1. Sam says:

    This is absolutely lovely Zoey!! Very whimsical. Well done!

  2. magpiemenina says:

    Thank you, Sam! I really appreciate your comment, what with you being so artistic and whimsical in your art!

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